Education Management Software

BitPro Education is a Complete Software Solution to manage everything about an Educational Institute through a single system.

Simple & Powerful Software – Easy to Learn & Easy to Use, No expert knowledge needed.
Made for Startups and Established Schools, Colleges, Universities, for Small and Large Training or Coaching Institutes.
Cloud Enabled – Education institutions should now consider performing all activities in the cloud. Having cloud based Student Information System with no local on premise foot print of server or software means less time and money spent on IT and more on broader education priorities.
Opening your first unit? It helps you effectively manage administrative side and allows you to focus on what is most important for your institute, to educate youth!

Key Features

Using BitPro-Education, you can effectively manage operations like:

  • Managing Students
  • Program and Courses
  • Online Admissions
  • Student Attendance
  • Course Scheduling
  • Assessment Planning and Assessment Result
  • Fee Structure and Fee Receipt
  • Instructor or Teacher and Staff
  • Guardian or Parents
  • Examination
  • Room Facility
  • Communication including sending Newsletters, Email, Chat, SMS
What Else, all features of Retail Solution is by default included in BitPro Education to manage Accounting, Inventory, Purchase & other back office operations.

Admissions & Assessments

Efficiently manage entire school’s admission process by taking it online. Make it convenient for applying parents to go through your admission procedure. Receive applications centrally and make sure the most fit applications pass through.

Publish examinations, tests, assignments and homework to students with instructions and due dates. Be sure who submitted the answers and assess each one easily. No data entry effort and no room for error.

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Programs and courses

Create Educational Programs with Course details and Fees schedule, manage Program enrollment. Create Courses led by one or more instructors (teachers or professors), and has a fixed number of students. Students may receive a grade and academic credit after completion of the course. You can also link the department under which the course is conducted. Create the course schedule and link the Course to Program, Student Group and Assessment Plans.

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Fee Collection & Management

Collect and manage fees in a convenient way. Always know who has paid and who as not, publish fee collection dates and send automatic reminders to concerned students. No data entry hassles.

Education Institute needs lots more than Education module, and BitPro-Education has all of it available built-in.

  • You track your books of accounts using our Accounts module.
  • Manage payroll, leaves and claims of your admin and teaching staff in the HR module.
  • Organize your purchases and place an approval system.

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Student Data & Attendance

Have a secure place to collect and store all student data. Enrollment, parent’s info, address, sibling info, course material, course schedule, mark sheets and attendance. Find all the info you need about anyone instantly.

Mark attendance and track it easily. Let teachers focus on lessons by making attendance super quick. Easily drawing reports from data and also share with parents.

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Student Details and Attendance


No need to keep bundles of files while all the data can be saved smartly. With help of BitPro Education Software Instant search makes this data easily accessible. By using student information systems and school software you can manage all this and much more.

This will allow you to manage all type of exams like unit test, half yearly test and final examination. It will enable you to announce your results faster via SMS and Email alerts.

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Accounting & Financial Reports

No need for managing traditional book keeping, BitPro Education includes Accounting feature which provides automatic double entry accounting. On each transaction such as Sale or Purchase it automatically creates a Credit and Debit entry to the respective accounting ledgers.

Enjoy clear visibility to your business performance with Financial Statements, General Ledger, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statements

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Communication & social features

Student Information System need to be integrated with robust alerting and communication systems to alert students, parents or teachers on emergencies and key events.

Improve parent engagement and student accountability with easy, instant access to real-time student performance from the parent or student access that can be accessed from any Android or iOS device.

Alerts need to be triggered on key events like student being absent, broadcasting. Use built-in social network and communication features such as Chat, SMS, Email Alert, Newsletters, Campaigning for Office Staff, Teachers, Students and parents to collaborate together.

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human resource management

Manage the Human Resources (HR) feature covers the processes related to the HR department of a company. Most important feature here is processing the payroll by using Payroll Entry to generate Salary Slips. Most countries have complex tax rules stating which expenses the company can make on behalf of its Employees. Easily define Salary Structure as per the company taxes and benefits and all types of salary calculation.

It also maintains a complete employee database including contact information, salary details, attendance, performance evaluation, leaves, expense claims and appraisal records.

Create Email Alerts to help in communication to an individual or group and Send Newsletters.

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Access Login

Profile Management

Each student, his/her parents, Teacher, Staff members and management will have separate login to access the desired information.

So you can know all the things for every single student, his/her parents, Teacher, Staff members.

All reports related to student can be made available for easy access.

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Facility Management

Easily manage all the transport vehicles like bus, cars and transport vehicles that are used for transportation purpose.

It can help in route description in association with the particular student, teachers and staff members. Provides optimum safety to staff & students with this feature.

Manage rooms and facility, goods, mess Now, minimize waste and track all the actions of hostel.

Easily bill and manage food court, Mess or Cafeteria with the help of POS.

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Alumni Management

Alumni network of any school are powerful and influential. Schools, colleges and universities need to proactively manage alumni network.

This doesn’t have to be complicated. Always select a Student Information System that provides ability to interact with the Alumni network with features like fund raising, membership programs, inter-alumni social interactions, business exchange and job boards.

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POWERFUL features


E-Commerce Store

Sell around the world. Build your Online Store in few clicks. No expert knowledge required                            

Mobile App

Mobile App

Manage your business on Mobile App, login using the BitPro Mobile App and easily access all features.



Accept or Make payments quickly and securely through Cash/Credit Card/Cheque/NET Banking

Multilingual Multi Currency

Multilingual & Multi-currency

Translations for world top languages. Different User's can easily select preferred language of choice. Support for multiple currencies across the world, easily configure preferred currency.

Chat Global Communication

Global Communication

Chat online with users, Track login and account activities, Generate Notifications on each transaction, Track Changes to each record, Assign tasks and To-Dos. Ensure perfect & quick communication between Sales, Production, Warehouse, Procurement, Administration, Accounting and Finance.

Mobile Store App

Mobile Store

Launch your Mobile shopping website. Mobile App offers Higher Performance with small download size

work from anywhere

Amazingly responsive

Works from anywhere in the world, on any platform or device Mobiles, Tablets, Computer browser's.


Print/Email/SMS quotations, orders, invoices, delivery notes and all your business documents


Multi-User Environment

Setup multiple logins like cashier, supervisor, accountant, manager and configure roles and permissions. Limit access to documents, restrict user access from selective IP addresses.

secure cloud

Secure Cloud Data Backup

Prevent loosing of data due to PC/Hard Disk crash or Virus. Your Data is deployed in a highly secure, best-in-class global data centers. We base our software solutions on our global and highly available enterprise cloud platform, Opt for daily backup facility to easily restore previous data.

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