Human Resource Management System

The Human Resources (HR) module covers the processes related to the HR department of a company. Most important feature here is processing the payroll by using Payroll Entry to generate Salary Slips. There are a set of rules for the company to deduct taxes and social security from employee payroll. BitPro-HR accommodates all types of taxes and their calculation.

It also maintains a complete employee database including contact information, salary details, attendance, performance evaluation, leaves, biometric attendance and appraisal records.

employee Data

You can create & manage Employee master. The Employee master captures demographics, personal and professional details.

You can further use this Employee master for performing various HR functions like:

  • Processing Payroll
  • Leave Allocation and Application
  • Employee Advance and Expense Claim
  • Loan Application
  • Performance Appraisal
Employee Management
Biometric Icon


New!! BitPro is now Biometric Attendance ready!

An Attendance record stating that an Employee has been present on a particular day can be created manually.

You can get a monthly report of your Attendance data by going to the Monthly Attendance Details report.

You can easily set attendance for Employees using the Employee Attendance Tool

You can also bulk upload attendance using the Upload Attendence Tool

Attendance Request & Upload

Using the Attendance Request document, employees can now submit their attendance request for the days when their attendance wasn’t marked.

  • Fill up the details, mention the dates for which you want the attendance to be marked, reason and explanation.
  • You can also choose if it has to be marked as a half day or not.
  • Save it.
  • On submission of the same, Attendance documents will be created for the days you mentioned.

Upload tool helps you to upload bulk attendance from a .csv file.


Attendance Management

Staffing Plan

Job Openings can be created as per the number of vacancies and budget as per the active Staffing Plan.

  • Designation: The designations for which you are creating the Staffing Plan.
  • Number of Positions: The number of positions you plan to recruit for between the Staffing Plan from and to dates.
  • Current Count: This is the number of Employees already hired for the Designation.
  • Vacancies: The number of vacancies based on the Number of Positions you wish to recruit and the current Employee count.
  • Estimated Cost Per Position: You can specify the cost to company per position so that hiring officials can stick to the budget.

Employee development

Create Recruitment plans and create and publish Job Openings accordingly, making it easy to manage your hiring process.

Create Training Program and schedule Training Events under it. It has a dashboard linked to Training Event to view which event is under the Training Program.

Job Offer is given to selected candidates after Interview & selection which states the offered salary package, designation, grade, department working, no of days entitled for leave.

You can make a record of the open vacancies in your company using Job Opening.

Employee Training and Development
Leave Management

Leave Management

Employees create leave requests, which their respective managers (leave approver) can approve or reject.

An Employee can select from a number of leave types such as sick leave, casual leave, privilege leave and so on. The number and type of leaves an Employee can apply is controlled by Leave Allocations.

You can create Leave Allocations for a Leave Period based on the company’s Leave Policy. You can also allocate additional leaves to your employees and generate reports to track leaves taken by Employees.

Appraisal & Loan

You can create Appraisal records for each period where you track performance. You can give assessment points for each performance criteria and the system will calculate the overall performance of the Employee.

Employees can request loans, which are then reviewed and approved. For the approved loans, repayment schedule for the entire loan cycle can be generated and automatic deduction from salary can also be set up.

Payroll Management


Payroll processing is an important function of every enterprise HR. BitPro greatly simplifies this process by offering an array of features that you can utilise form Salary Structure management to bulk processing Payroll of employees.

Payroll is the administration of financial records of employees’ salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions.

Payroll period helps you define Tax slabs applicable for the period, making it easier to manage changing laws.

Salary Component allows you to define each Earning and Deduction component which can be used to create a Salary Structure and subsequently create Salary Slip or Additional Salary & more…

Fleet Management

Fleet Management section of Human Resources helps your Organisation manage their fleet of vehicles and track their expenses.

To use Fleet Management in BitPro:
Set Up a Vehicle.
Enter Vehicle Logs regularly.
Make Expense Claims for Vehicle Expenses.
View Reports for Vehicle Expenses.

Fleet Management

POWERFUL features


Online Website

Build your own website in just few clicks, manage your site pages. No expert knowledge required

Mobile App

Mobile App

Manage your business on Mobile App, login using the BitPro Mobile App and easily access all features.



Accept or Make payments quickly and securely through Cash/Credit Card/Cheque/NET Banking

Multilingual Multi Currency

Multilingual & Multi-currency

Translations for world top languages. Different User's can easily select preferred language of choice. Support for multiple currencies across the world, easily configure preferred currency.

Chat Global Communication

Global Communication

Chat online with users, Track login and account activities, Generate Notifications on each transaction, Track Changes to each record, Assign tasks and To-Dos. Ensure perfect & quick communication between Sales, Production, Warehouse, Procurement, Administration, Accounting and Finance.

Mobile Store App

Mobile App

Launch your Mobile shopping website. Mobile App offers Higher Performance with small download size

work from anywhere


Works from anywhere in the world, on any platform or device Mobiles, Tablets, Computer browser's.


Print/Email/SMS quotations, orders, invoices, delivery notes and all your business documents


Multi-User Environment

Setup multiple logins like cashier, supervisor, accountant, manager and configure roles and permissions. Limit access to documents, restrict user access from selective IP addresses.

secure cloud

Secure Cloud Data Backup

Prevent loosing of data due to PC/Hard Disk crash or Virus. Your Data is deployed in a highly secure, best-in-class global data centers. We base our software solutions on our global and highly available enterprise cloud platform, Opt for daily backup facility to easily restore previous data.